"Begin your success journey today. You are worth it!"

Margi Starr
MLM Success Story

Many years ago two guys hauled a big white board into my small living room and drew little circles on it to illustrate multi-level marketing. I didn't join their company, but that simple picture wormed its way into my brain and turned me into an MLM warrior. I yearned for the power of residual income and pursued my dream by joining one MLM after another after anotheróall with the same bad results.

I became an expert at joining companies, but I was clueless as to how to build a business. I hoped that if I sat at my desk long enough, I'd figure it out. I hoped that team members and customers would drop out of the sky. Although I had been a teacher, the idea of talking to people about my products or opportunity made me want to throw up. How could I be successful if I couldn't conquer my Fear of Rejection?

When I was introduced to Success in 10 Steps, I was juggling two network marketing companies, with the hopes that perhaps one might succeed.

I downloaded the eBook, printed it off, and grabbed an Accent marker. When I read the final page, the eBook was almost completely green from my highlighter. No wonder I had such a dismal track record! I began to realize that maybe this eBook contained the secret after all.

Over the next few weeks, I immersed myself in the training available through Mentoring for Free. I learned how to evaluate MLM companies and understand Compensation Plans. The things Michael teaches rang true with me because I had experienced so much failure in network marketing. I began to understand why my lack of success wasnít really my fault.

There's an old saying that says we are the average of the five people we hang out with the most. I figured that by hanging out with Michael Dlouhy and other professional network marketers, my success quotient would increase exponentially.

Mentoring for Free teaches leadership. When I was in charge of a staff of preschool teachers, I thought I knew a lot about leadership. In reality my teachers were paid to follow me. Network marketing doesnít work that way. You have to become the type of leader people want to follow. These are life skills that extend far beyond the realm of network marketing.

Mentoring for Free is more than an eBook or a conference call. It's a community of like-minded people who are seeking to build a network marketing business. I continue to learn skills that help me connect with people in my community as well as all over the world.

The proof that Mentoring for Free works is that I am finally building a successful network marketing organization. I know how to find distributors and customers, instead of hoping theyíll drop out of the sky. Confidence has replaced my fear of rejection. Plus, those extra paychecks are making a big difference in my life.

Remember that white board with all the little circles? Well, I donít go hauling around a huge presentation board, but I do love mentoring people on the power of network marketing and the Skills needed for Success.

If you are like me and want to OWN YOUR LIFE, you are at the right place. Begin your success journey today. You are worth it!