Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is & how does it work?

Network marketing has a huge problem. Most companies do lousy training. Most uplines don't do ANY training. New reps sign up full of hope ... and then they're abandoned in droves.

Mentoring For Free is a free, comprehensive MLM training program with free, simple lead generation tools for your MLM business. To see everything you get for free in this system, CLICK HERE.

To see details of the turbo lead generation system you get with our PRO version ($19.95/month), CLICK HERE.

The purpose of Mentoring For Free is to help you find people who want to make money from home, and to train you to build lifelong relationships with those people, and then show you how to work together to sell your products and/or services. And then we'll train your people to do the same, so you can focus on building your business. If you build and we train, you'll get both income & stability.

2. What makes you think your program better than the hundreds of others out there? is ONE of a kind. Go to the homepage.

Read the stories of the mentors who are on our nightly phone calls. These are people who have learned how to build relationships over the phone and on the internet.

MLM is a relationship business. Our mentors will teach you exactly what to ask and what to say on the phone to build relationships with the key people who will build your business.

You will hear others do it, live & interactive. Then YOU will do it. You will not get this type of personal training by successful people FOR FREE anyplace else. It just won't happen.

3. How can I use Mentoring For Free to build my MLM business?

1. Join for free.

2. Send people to YOUR Mentoring For Free affiliate site (a duplicate of this site).

3. When anyone joins Mentoring For Free through your affiliate site, you will be notified of their contact information. This is a person who is SERIOUS about getting trained and building their business.

4. Contact that person to begin building a long-term business & personal relationship ... as you will be trained to do on our nightly coaching calls.

People don't join companies. People join people. With Mentoring For Free, it doesn't matter what company you promote.

When you send a prospect to Mentoring For Free, you are gifting them with a FREE lead generation, recruiting, & training system. When they join here, they join YOU. That's much more powerful long-term than promoting them into some company.

4. Will it work for anyone?

You have to be coachable. You must make a commitment to be on our training phone calls. You must be a "leader-in-training."

If you're just a follower or a shortcut seeker, don't bother. On the other hand, we provide a diverse team of mentors who will work with you to help you build a profitable home business in ANY company you want to promote. We'll train you, so you can train your people.

Our successful mentors are people who have been on a LOT of our training calls. They will tell you that the more often you hear the right way to do things, the more natural it becomes to do it. And the more confidence you get in your ability.

If you are dedicated, if we see that you are truly "a mentor with a servant's heart", and if your production in your chosen company demonstrates that you have learned our system, you will be invited to become one of our mentors. You cannot promote your opportunity within our group or on our calls, but the prospects who you invite on our training calls will recognize you as a leader in this industry.

You can't put a price on that.

5. Can I be successful just using my computer, without actually talking to people?

No. Very simple. No. No. No. No. You have probably already tried 1 or 5 or 10 or 100 ways of making money without building relationships. And here you are, still looking. That should answer your question.

6. I know almost nothing about computers & the internet. What can I do?

Get on our phone calls. We will mentor you through the process. You will learn to use some very basic technology to develop a steady stream of leads for your business.

Even if you just turned on a computer for the first time, on our calls you'll learn low-cost and sometimes no-cost techniques to build a list, build relationships, and build your network marketing business.

You don't need skills. Just follow a simple plan.

7. There are a lot of sources to buy cheap leads. Why should I go to the trouble of generating my own?

Those leads you buy have already been emailed, picked over, mailed, and called, multiple times. You waste money & time when you buy leads. Worse, you get discouraged by lousy results. You feel like YOU are a failure. And it's just not true.

We'd even say, do NOT join an MLM if you think you're going to build an empire by buying leads. All you'll do is build your company and your upline's income. You'll get beat up doing it, and you'll quit. THAT is the cycle for most people who buy leads. It's crazy.

Instead, promote YOURSELF. Build your OWN contact list using easily duplicated techniques. THAT is something you'll have forever, no matter what happens to some company or some upline.

The philosophy is simple: Build YOUR future, not some company's future.

Our plan is easy & realistic. Anyone can do it. THIS is the right direction ... as opposed to almost everything else you see online.

8. What if I get bad leads from you?

That is one of the beauties of our system. We NEVER hear, "Oh, these are bad leads."

Why? Because we don't send you any leads.

Instead, you advertise, offering my ebook or other useful, free printed materials. Leaders are readers. When you ONLY target leaders, then they are ALL great people. They listen to how you can help them reach their dreams.

We train you to do this entire process free. Or you can spend $19.95 a month and use ALL the tools in the Mentoring For Free Back Office.

9. Are you currently active in an MLM company?


10. Will you steal my people?


Fact is, most people don't HAVE any people. None who trust them, anyway. Many uplines' idea of support is harranguing you to make 100 cold calls a day.

TRUE support is to take you by the hand and lead you through every step of this business, so you can actually experience it in real time and get good at it.

That is what we do in real life in our individual MLM businesses. THAT is what you'll learn how to do on our training phone calls.

No companies are mentioned. No products are promoted. No one is ever recruited. Listen in. See for yourself. Then decide.

11. I'd feel more comfortable if you weren't in the business.

I understand. So look around. Do a Google search. There are a ton of people who have never actually built an MLM business who will be happy to take your money to train you.

MentoringForFree is for people who aren't being successfully trained by either their company or their upline. Believe me, you WANT a mentor who is successfully building an MLM business. How can you possibly trust anyone else?

12. Will I somehow get billed when I get on your conference calls?

No. Our MLM business brings good income, thank you. Our tools & phone calls support our people. And they work their butts off. And Linda & I love them and appreciate them.

You are welcome to join in and learn how to be successful. Or not. It's up to you.

13. NOBODY in this business gives away 10 hours a week of their personal time for free to people who aren't in their downline. Why do you do that?

We owe everything to this business. It tortures me to hear people denigrate network marketing because of the greed of some companies and their "Super Star Reps."

I don't do ANYTHING in life that isn't fun. Whatever I do, it's because I love it.

So I do what I can to balance the scales. I choose to support with every fiber of my body ANYONE who invests their hopes & dreams & life into this industry. It makes my day to help keep their spark alive.

I will train anyone for free. No strings. I am not threatened by anyone or any company in this industry.

But I do understand that they are threatened by me. Most STILL don't take the time and make the commitment to train their own people.

14. Why don't you print the phone number & training call times on your webpage?

Because SOMEBODY suggested you come here. That person wants to build a relationship with you, to YOUR benefit. You need to contact that person and talk with them about what they do ... and about building business & personal relationships. THAT is what will bring you stable, long-term income.

Thanks for taking the time to read this FAQ!

Michael Dlouhy