Bob & Anna Bassett
MLM Success Story

Ontario - We started our network marketing career in 1999. Over the next seven years, we made just about every mistake possible!

We worked five long years in a "sponsor monster" money swap company with a pay plan so poor that we ended up with a remortgaged house, maxed out credit cards and a bad case of the "What's Wrong With Me's?".

We spent thousands of dollars buying useless leads and even bought ourselves twice!

We travelled thousands of miles and even walked on fire! Our feet got warmer but our check stayed the same.

We stumbled into an illegal pyramid which cost us thousands more. We tried a Ponzi scheme before we knew what the word meant. Ten thousand more went to a mentoring program scam which taught us how to earn $21 split three ways!

The flags were all there, but they weren't red enough.

In 2006, we read Success in Ten Steps and started to pay serious attention to the Mentoring For Free system.

Our business turned around 180 degrees immediately.

We've learned

  1. How to spot personalities and build an instant relationship with them
  2. How to evaluate MLM compensation plans and contracts written by company lawyers
  3. Most of all - the 5 criteria you must evaluate to decide whether a company has good profit potential or not

It's a sad fact that well over 95% of networkers are failing, but as Michael says, "It's not your fault!"

If you'd like to find the support you need for the success you deserve, join us at Mentoring For Free.

You'll be amazed at how just a few hours of free training will open your eyes and help you avoid years of failure and frustration!