"To make more, you have to become more!"

Patti Blevins
MLM Success Story

Iowa - When someone called me about "Success In 10 Steps", I didn't even remember downloading the ebook. He kept leaving voicemail messages. I groaned ... I wasn't looking for something new. I was in my second network marketing company in ten years and I not open to anything else.

But ... I was curious why he would continue to call to offer his "free mentoring and coaching". I finally read the ebook and got a new perspective. It explained why my previous 10 years weren't close to the success I had dreamed of.

Ten years ago, I resigned my 25 year career with the federal government ... to do network marketing full-time. My husband and I believed it would fall into place better if I committed to our business full time. Resigning was a financial risk. I REALLY was motivated to be successful.

I loved working from home. But it was tough to get friends and family to opportunity meetings. My sponsor didn't help. Frustration built. More time, more money. Home meetings after my husband got off work every night. Finally, we couldn't justify the time and expense any longer, so we quit.

Back to work as a church secretary ... and the pastor was an MLM distributor. Of course, they had perfect products that I quickly fell in love with. But, when I had to make a list of my friends and family ... again ... the sick feeling in my stomach should have been a clue.

They said to talk to everybody you run into about your business. I hated that. There wasn't an ounce of "salesman" in me. I hated to go shopping or to church, because I was supposed to move every conversation toward my product.

I resigned the church secretary position to work my network marketing business full time. The training in this company was more like listening to sermons versus the 'rah-rah' in the last company. But I was stressed out. I loved the products, I loved the people, I loved the company ... WHY no success? My upline said I needed to do more, talk to more people!

Now ... when I FINALLY took the time to read "Success In 10 Steps", my eyes were opened. I got on the training calls, and I felt like I finally had the cement block off my back. It was a goldmine of free training with no talk about any specific company or product.

I had been working on personal growth for over 20 years ... I had over 300 self-help books, highlighted, notes in the margins, some falling apart from being read so much. So, I loved the Mental Cleanse calls. The Mentoring For Free Mastermind is a group of supportive, encouraging, loving people who would never criticize or judge. It was a safe place, week after week after week.

I now love to share the Mentoring For Free education with other struggling network marketers. I've spoken to hundreds of people who have downloaded "Success In 10 Steps". When I ask if they are attempting to create an income from home ... they ALL say "yes". That is what you call a "targeted lead". I generated the lead, who already believes in network marketing. Perfect!

How can I help them? Whatever resource they need, they can probably get it in MentoringForFree. And if and when we are meant to be business partners, it will be for a lifetime. We will have built a relationship by then.

Michael says that "to make more, you have to become more!" That's what Mentoring For Free is all about.