"When I Read The Ebook, I Knew I Had Found The Truth At Last!"

Ruth Marks-Bradford
MLM Success Story

2004 was the year that took me way off course. My youngest sister Teresia lost her battle with cancer. Eight months later my older sister Scheryl lost her battle with cancer. I was the primary caretaker for both. My manager allowed me to work part time to perform this labor of love. I eventually took a leave of absence from my job. This allowed me to spend invaluable quality time with my family. Something that I have longed for since learning about Network Marketing. The time freedom was wonderful but, I had no money to do the things I longed to do. I was determined not to go back full time at my job.

When I was 6 years old my parents were told that I had a disability. I am legally blind. My parents taught me to live life on my own terms and never to label myself disabled. They taught me to focus on my abilities. So I have always done that. My vision will never be perfect. There are visual aids that help though. Life will not be perfect. Business will not be perfect.

Sitting at my computer one day in 2005, a mentor stepped into my life. I downloaded an eBook called "Success In 10 Steps". Here was the truth about why I was struggling to have success in network marketing. Here was yet another tool that gave me a "slight edge". Here also were people that were smart, caring, and eager to help me reset my sails. So each day I sat reading, with my many mentors helping me gain the skills and knowledge to get back on course.

I was ready to do whatever it took as long as it was moral, legal, and ethical. My husband and I had been toiling away for years losing money, time, and friends trying in vain to have success. We joined a company located in our hometown and thought we had it made. But once again we were not successful.

On that hot day in June, 2oo5 I clicked a link on the Internet that led me to a free ebook called Success in 10 Steps. I printed out a copy and read it immediately. Eureka! There it was! All the answers to my questions of WHY we failed over and over and over again. Finally the truth at last! And to my surprise I discovered that it was not my fault (as I had been told it was my fault over and over again)

When I finished all 90+ pages, I was standing a bit taller. I had found the truth at last. I also found the courage to change my circumstances. My next course of action was to call the person I downloaded the book from. Wow! What a great experience that was. Here I was for the first time talking to a stranger that I met over the Internet and it felt like I had known this person for years. What a great day that was! And every day since I found Mentoring for Free!

We are actively living the life we dreamed of for so many years. And best part is that we are now the ones helping others discover Mentoring For Free. It makes Network Marketing purposeful and meaningful when you can assist others it realizing their dreams. This is not a sales business - it is a teaching and mentoring business.

Mentoring for Free has taught me to succeed by giving me a proven system for success that extends to all areas of my life. I cannot say enough about the training and mentoring. It has exceeded my wildest dreams.

In Mentoring For Free, I now have a "dream team" of mentors and teachers to help me keep my sights and sail on the right course. Michael and Linda Dlouhy have attracted the best trainers from around the world to Mentoring For Free

Download the book as I did that fantastic day in 2005, and you too will benefit from the best of the best in our industry today, for FREE!