"Michael Believed In Me Until I Could Believe In Myself"

Bill & Cynthia Breed
MLM Success Story

I grew up in South America -- Brazil and Argentina, and witnessed the haves and the have-nots of deplorable poverty. I Want my children to see this. I Want gratitude and God to be present in our lives each and every day, and I want the freedom to travel and see the world with my family at the drop of a hat.

2001 was the worst year of our lives. I lost my father in May. Bill lost his favorite Aunt in July. In August, we rushed Bill to the hospital for major surgery. He was away from the office for 6 weeks. September brought 911. November brought our third child, who spent his first two weeks in Intensive Care.

I shut down my ad agency when my largest account closed their US operations. We went from a two-income family down to one. I refused to have daycares raise our children, so I stayed home and depleted our retirement. We lost tremendous amounts of money that year in our office supply company and took forever to dig ourselves out. Yet we persevered with the help of family and friends.

In May of '06 I was working very hard in MLM, but I was racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and getting very little back. I was struggling to build my Network Marketing Business, approaching people in coffee shops and parks trying to convince them that what they REALLY wanted was to make millions working under me in my MLM company. I cringed inside every time I approached someone. As a matter of fact, Bill and I had done Network Marketing a total of 4 times over a 20 year period and failed each and every time. My self-esteem had taken a beating and I struggled to stay positive, organized and calm for my family.

Then Mentoring for Free came into our lives.

I had many personal struggles to overcome and Michael Dlouhy helped me. He mentored me and helped me grow into the person I am today. He taught me the importance of eliminating the negatives from my life. The news, which is almost ALWAYS negative, the radio and negative people, were impacting my view of life in ways of which I was totally unaware. He taught me the importance of studying books for personal development. And by providing us a weekly Mastermind Group for personal growth, I most certainly grew in major positive and success oriented ways by eliminating any negative ghosts that haunted me.

Michael helped me get to the core of my WHY, the difference I want to make in this world. The PURPOSE I am to fulfill in my lifetime is to help abused children understand what is happening to them by providing them with professionals that can help them wade through the messes that adults created in their lives.

I owned an advertising agency for 6 years. Bill has successfully run our print management/office products company for the last 16 years. So we couldnĂ­t understand why we were failing at network marketing. Michael showed us why and what to do about it.

Michael believed in me until I could believe in myself. Now I build my MLM business coaching, mentoring and believing in people until they can believe in themselves. It starts when they download the Success In 10 Steps ebook. I follow the Mentoring For Free System like it's been designed to be used and now I am building a huge organization as a result ... Mentoring for Free is a proven, duplicatable system, and my business is growing as a result of its duplicability.