Tony and Melissa Casteel
MLM Success Story

If you are not having fun, then you are not doing network marketing right! We love network marketing and what it offers! People ask us, "What the key to success?" The answer is simple:



It's not WHAT happens to you but HOW you react to it that matters. -Epictetus

We were married in 1994. Network marketing has been a big part of our lives since then. We have endured losses and thrilled in our success. Success is a lot more fun.

Some time back, we joined a financial education company. How ironic ... the financial education company went belly-up due to poor management. (If we had known then what we know now, life would have been far different.) We built to the top level ever reached in this company and helped one of our frontline leaders build to the same level. Life was great! We lived in our dream home in a gated community on 640 acres. We had deer and turkey in our back yard. We had horses, 4 wheelers and all the toys. We drove new vehicles paid for by our company.

We spent summers on the lake on our houseboat with a ski boat and SeaDoos. We built our business from the lake. We had finally reached our dreams, it was possible!

For 4 years we worked from home together. Life was great - together we would drop our son off at school, go to breakfast or workout, talk to people and just do what we needed/wanted to do on our terms. Best boss we ever had!

Then, our company went belly-up, leaving us high and dry. We lost it all...ALL! We were devastated.

Mentoring For Free was then presented to us and everything changed. Reading SUCCESS IN 10 STEPS changed our outlook, our thinking, and our lives! We had hope - we were given directions on how to do mlm right! We learned how to read our mlm contract and how to understand our policies and procedures.

Do you hear that? That is the sound of stomachs churning ... churning at the mention of:

  1. Make your list of 100 people
  2. It takes 100 "No"s to get one Yes.
  3. Throw them up against the wall and see who sticks.

AAAAHHHH! STOP! We had enough!

Thank goodness for Mentoring For Free. What a revolutionary approach ... let's EDUCATE and HELP instead of bullying folks!

We spent too many years in "old school" network marketing, only to have it all crumble. Now we understand why, and we know what really works. Everyone claims to have a "proven" system. Frankly, it's exciting to have a true workable system. The difference? We've seen Mentoring For Free work. This system makes sense, and it builds for the long term ... not just the here-today-gone-with-the-next-big-promise tomorrow. This IS solid business building.

You always have choices. You can go on the internet and get some tips on how to get through your day at the job you hate. You can keep plugging away with that "old school" marketing approach and remain frustrated. Or you can have fun building a life in network marketing with a user friendly system. Remember, NETWORK MARKETING IS A BLAST. You owe it to yourself to join the party!