"In Less Than 4 Months After Starting With Mentoring For Free, We Made Diamond In Our Company"

Marcello Lisi
MLM Success Story

After working in corporate America in the international wireless technology industry & in pharmaceuticals, between the both of us, we had a wealth of corporate knowledge & education from engineering to marketing and sales. Life began to shift and change and we could no longer find satisfaction in our corporate jobs after we had climbed the ladder as far as we could go. We desired more out of life, a quality of living the corporate arena couldn?t offer. In truth, we desired to live a life of purpose.

We began our Network Marketing career a couple of years ago, dreaming of a life more meaningful, more purposeful and supportive of the lifestyle we desired along with time freedom. We were fed up with ?working hard to fulfill the corporate investor?s dreams, we wanted to manifest our own dreams. However we worked very hard and had little success in the beginning of our Network Marketing adventure. We took a step back from the business, engaged in a three month sabbatical to travel visiting friends and family in the U.S.

As we were driving back to Montreal after visiting family in California, we asked and prayed for the answers. Two full rainbows appeared side by side within moments after our prayers. Every color of the rainbow was so vivid, bright and clear to see how each color blended with the next. Within one week of that prayer & seeing the rainbows, we met Michael & Linda Dlouhy & were introduced to Mentoring For Free.

Having good mentorship is definitely the key ingredient for MLM success. Michael Dlouhy poured much knowledge, wisdom, skills and love into us. By walking the path and footsteps of a proven leader with a track record of success and utilizing the power of Mentoring For Free, our team has been duplicating success since day one. Today, we are walking the path of success and mentoring others to walk the same path and truly love helping our team members achieve the success they deserve.

In less than 4 short months after starting with Mentoring For Free, we made Diamond in our company. This was monumental for us and we had never achieved this level of success prior. With all the skills we have learned from our mentors, we saw results right away and now we are building one of the fastest growing teams within the company. It was not merely our own efforts that helped us arrive here -- the power of the entire team and all our dedicated business builders helped us get here. We learned that when we focus our energy on our team; helping others become successful & profitable, our efforts naturally become easier. One of the things that inspires us most is when we see our team members become successful. What makes this so special is that we know that we are in the business of dream building. The desire of the overall team is so strong that it drives us to truly be "mentors with a servant's heart". Every day that passes, we see these desires and dreams become tangible realities.

Thank you, Michael & Linda, for helping us live our dreams and for giving us the opportunity to help others live their dreams. To a life of vibrant radiant health, success, joy, love and prosperity!