Kaye Stephens
MLM Success Story

New Jersey - I am "LUCKY". You might ask why I think that about myself. All of my life things have come to me easily until about 12 years ago when I joined my first M-L-M. I loved the concept immediately, but there was something lacking, I just couldn't identify what it was.

I am a huge baseball fan. In baseball, you need a team. Funny how the pitcher can't win a game by himself. He needs the catcher, the infield and the outfielders. There are 9 players on the team. Take away one player and you can't even play the game. Well, that is one of the important things that was missing. A TEAM.

At Mentoring For Free we have a TEAM that believe in you until you believe in yourself. No matter what company you are promoting, the team at Mentoring for Free will help you.

The second thing I was missing was ongoing training. Several days a week, Mentoring For Free has live interactive training that creates LEADERS. I knew I was a leader but you can't ride a bicycle without practice and interactive training. I am so grateful for the ongoing training that has given me the TOOLS to "Own My Life".

The third thing that was missing was "Mental Cleanse" where you learn "How to think" not "What to think". This training program gives you the confidence and the joy to share with other people and help them to become the people that they are meant to be.

I just want to thank Michael and Linda Dlouhy and the rest of the Mentoring For Free team for this wonderful program that is changing the world of MLM one life at a time.