"It worked, simply worked"

Sarah Thompson
MLM Success Story

Florida - I was the oldest daughter of 12 children. I worked a lot from the time I was very young. But everything I made went to support the family. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be free.

Later, While raising four children of my own, I signed up with the latest, greatest, can't-fail home-based business. I had house parties and called on family members, with no results. I switched companies and tried calling Aunts, sisters and cousins to buy my weight-loss products. No success.

I got divorced. After night school, I got a lucrative corporate position in the late 1980's. But it turned out not to be the dream I wanted.

Back to Network Marketing. I studied, analyzed and joined countless programs. I was told

  1. Buy leads.
  2. Make a list of friends and family.
  3. To be successful, I'd have to get 100 "no"s in order to get one "yes".
  4. Make more calls.

After 14 failed attempts, spending thousands of dollars for guru "secrets", I was pretty discouraged.

In late 2007, I ran into "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy. I looked at the table of contents and thought, "Huh? Where is step 1, step 2, and all the other steps?" The chapters had titles like ëYour warm market has ice in their veins," and "Give your prospects a puppy".

Oh, right, Michael. This is REALLY going to help. NOT!

A few days later, the phone rang. Michael Dlouhy himself is calling me?? Must be someone using his name. Must be a sales call. Somehow he must know I have a few dollars left on my credit card.

We talked for a few minutes. He invited me to listen in on a free training call. Weird. He never tried to close me.

He called again, a few times. I was suspicious. But still no closing. At least it didn't cost anything. And somehow he began to make sense.

He called again and tells me he knows I am quiet, need data and then more data, that I'm slow to decide, well organized, and do not like calling leads. What is this guy, a mind reader? He says, "Sarah, you're perfect to do this business just the way you are." Now he has me. But I refuse to let him know.

Next call, I break. I tell him about my 14 failed attempts, my lead buying, my collection of no's, and how all 14 uplines told me I was not working hard enough.

Michael patiently explains how to evaluate an MLM company. Bam, wow I get it! My failure in MLM really was not my fault. So I ask, "How much to continue, Michael?" I mentally brace myself for his reply. "No payments. But you have to follow our training program."

After the call, I get an e-mail with four audio links, and no place credit card numbers. I listened to the audios several times. I have a notebook full of notes. On the next call, I asked questions. Hmm. Sounds like the real deal. I start to attend the training sessions. I get addicted.

Michael calls again. Now, it's like we're old friends. He says " Sarah, Linda and I will believe in You until You believe in Yourself" The most powerful words he could have said. How did he know I did not believe in myself?"

That is exactly what Michael and Linda did - they loaned me their belief until I found my own. It worked, simply worked, because it is simple and true.